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Porch Enclosure

Porch Enclosures are a great way to make an outdoor space into an indoor one. They allow you to enjoy the space all year round.

They are perfect during winter as the windows and doors allow you to be out of the weather but still surrounded by the environment. They are also perfect in summer as you can open up the doors and windows for some lovely ventilation.

Why build more rooms into a beautiful living area when you can just transform the one you already have? Porch enclosures are great for transforming an area of your house into a perfect living/entertaining area, without having to build or ad an extension to your house.

It also protects your furniture and decorations as they won’t be affected by the elements anymore with a porch enclosure.

We can fit your porch with either windows or doors depending on what you prefer for that space. We can also provide some privacy by using obscure glass. Aluminium is available in a range of colours which you can choose to suit your house.

Below are a few examples of porch enclosures. The first one gave the owner more privacy at their front door. We filled it in with obscure glass to support their wishes. The next few photos show how we were able to transform an outdoor living area into a more comfortable one during the winter months. They can now enjoy this space throughout the year as they won’t be affected by the weather


If you are thinking about a porch enclosure please contact us for a quote