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Why Choose Us?

We believe that you should choose Geoff Case Pty Ltd to replace your windows due to several areas.

  • We have over 40 years of valuable experience in the industry. In this industry, experience counts for everything.
  • We are the only Window Replacement Company in Geelong to be Quality Endorsed.
  • We pride ourselves on following the strict criteria set out by the Standards Association.
  • We are the most recognised Window Replacement Company in the Geelong region. Our site sign is seen all over the region, showing that along with our customers, we are proud of our work.
  • Geoff Case Pty Ltd is a multiple Award-Winning Window Replacement business. A qualified builder carries out all replacement work. Having a qualified builder replace your windows ensures valuable skill & experience is taken into every job.
  • Choosing Geoff Case Pty Ltd to replace your windows will give you peace of mind that you are receiving unequalled quality and personal service, unmatched by anyone else. We pride ourselves on professionalism, punctuality, care and cleanliness
  • Communication with us is easy for you as you can also contact us after normal business hours.
  • Proudly Geelong owned and operated.