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Windows by Geoff Case Blog

Does your Ballarat home require window replacement?

August 21, 2014

We service Ballarat residents for window replacements in a variety of styles. A lot of windows we replace in homes are old-school timber windows which slide open. After decades of use and exposure to the elements wooden windows not only lose their appeal, but can rot. While solid timber windows can last a long time…

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Damaged door replacement in Ballarat

July 19, 2014

Unfortunately doors sometimes get damaged before their time is up. Maybe the kids (or adults) were playing cricket in the backyard and accidentally hit the ball through your back glass sliding door or maybe your home was damaged during an offence against your property. Occasionally it is more cost-effective for you to have it replaced rather than repaired….

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Awning window replacement in Altona

June 15, 2014

We provide window replacement in Altona and surrounding regions. Awning windows are great because they are easy to open and close, look neat and allow fresh air into your home. We find they are a particularly effective choice for small windows where you want to be able to open the window to allow fresh air…

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Case for a return to a high-rise run

May 10, 2011

Geelong Advertiser, 12 November 2010 By Michael Stevens When Geoff Case won the New York Empire State Building climb for the third successive year in 1993 it was front page news in the Geelong Advertiser. He flew to New York first class as a result of winning the Rialto Run-up, an endurance test of 55 floors and…

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